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COVID 19 Business Woes

What are you doing to preserve your small business right now? Do you qualify for one of those "loans" the government is offering? What happens when there isn't an option for you other than just wait and pray?

As you all already have been eagerly waiting for my store front to open, it has been postponed due to the COVID 19 pandemic. I have been weighing the pros and cons of the events that have recently happened. Yes, my storefront grand opening will be postponed, but it gave me time to get the apartments upstairs ready for tenants. I picked each item carefully and had very good contractors install them so that each element is next to perfection. Happy to call myself a landlord as soon as someone moves in! If you have someone interested in a one bedroom apartment in the Historical District of Augusta, direct them to my website as all things can be handled online to get them a beautiful place to stay.

Drop me a line and I will add your business to my prayer list! Prayer can move mountains!

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