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Itchy Skin?

If your skin itches, there are many things that might help.

1. Take a soothing bath.

Nervous tension can cause your skin to itch. Nerve endings are located just below the surface of your skin. If you are stressed , these nerve endings can fire so rapidly that you have a microscopic fireworks display occurring without even knowing it. Grab a CBD bath bomb (available at my store or on my website), run some water, and take a quiet (well, as quiet as you can) bath and relax. Allow the CBD to absorb through your skin and calm that nervous system, while enjoying the moisturizing salts and breathtaking aromas. Awe...everything is better...

2. Rub down with some lotion.

Winter is not the only month we can get irritated and dry skin. Dry skin can result from seasonal allergies and lack of hydration as well. Find that bottle of Hemp Seed Lotion (available at my store or on my website) and rub it in for immediate relief.

3. Drink some water.

Dehydration can cause your skin and organs to be dry as well. Soda, tea, and other beverages actually use the water in your system to metabolize...robbing your body of the water it needs. Drink up! Add some electrolytes if you are extra parched (available in my store and on my website) without all the salt and additives of the leading sports drinks.

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